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Traveling To Roatan

16 Oct

Travel To Roatan

Getting to Roatan is so much easier than you might realize! Traveling to Roatan is only a 2.5-hour flight direct from Houston or Miami, the stunning Caribbean island of Roatan offers the convenience you need to travel to the U.S. quickly and easily to visit family…although they will want to be visiting you!

The Juan Manuel Galvez International Airport serves as Roatan’s central transportation hub, with direct flights arriving regularly from Houston (United Airlines), Dallas and Miami (American Airlines), Atlanta (Delta Airlines), and even Toronto and Montreal (Sunwing and TransAt Airlines seasonally). Flying directly to San Pedro Sula and taking a hopper flight to Roatan is often a much more affordable option that should be explored.  The hopper flights are typically $99.00 – $120.00 each way.


Direct flights from Belize City (Tropic Air) and San Salvador (Avianca Airlines) offer the easy opportunity to explore more of the cultural and geographical diversity that Latin America has to offer. Daily flights to the mainland offer convenient access to Tegucigalpa (capital of Honduras), La Ceiba (closest port city), and San Pedro Sula (closest major city).


In addition to the international airport, Roatan is also serviced by the Galaxy Wave Ferry from La Ceiba, Honduras. The mainland of Honduras is only about 35 miles away from Roatan, which makes travel to Roatan by boat a quick 75-minute ferry ride at either the morning or afternoon departure time.


Finally, Roatan has seen a surge in tourism since the introduction of two cruise ship ports began bringing thousands of visitors each week. The Port of Roatan is partly owned by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Mahogany Bay is owned by Carnival Corporation. Their presence on the island offers a boost to the local economy, and introduces Roatan to many more potential vacationers, which has been noticed in the vacation rental market on the island.


Travel to Roatan is easy and convenient…..What are you waiting on? 🙂