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Roatan is home to the 2nd largest coral reef in the World and has some of the best diving on the planet.

If scuba diving isn’t on your list of activities, there are plenty of other things to do on the island. One of the best parts about your property is it’s on a protected lagoon. 

Roatan Activities on the Water


You can explore the green areas on the property and pick mangos, bananas and papaya on the property’s very own fruit orchard. 
Take a drive and explore the tropical island’s east end away from the crowds! Roads on Roatan are easy to navigate; one main road runs lengthwise down the middle of the island. 

Roatan Activites On Land


If you want to get the adrenaline pumping, it’s time to learn how to fly! Roatan has the perfect topography for ziplining. After you’ve flown through the treetops, it’s time to soar above the sea!

Roatan Activities in the Air


Wanting to lend a hand?

Interested in spending time in a local school, assisting with English classes, volunteering at the new library or at a e-learning center? Want to help build a home?  Dwellings provides homes for underprivileged individuals who are nominated by someone: they have to own their own property, and fundraising is done to cover the materials.  If you like to swing a hammer, this might be the perfect volunteer opportunity for you, if they have a build going on while you’re on Roatan.

Volunteer at The Marine Park

Roatan’s beautiful coral reef is one of the main tourist attractions, and the Roatan Marine Park came into existence in order to protect this treasure.  The marine park is responsible for several initiatives, including installing and maintaining mooring buoys for dive sites, doing patrols to ensure that the illegal harvesting of conchs and lobsters within the marine reserve does not occur, organizing beach and reef clean ups, and providing education in schools.  If you’d like to be a part of their efforts, volunteers are welcome.





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