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15 Feb

Scuba Diving in Roatan

Scuba Diving in Roatan


Roatan is one of the world’s most popular places for scuba diving. If you are already a diver and you haven’t yet been to Roatan, be prepared to fall in love. If you have never tried scuba diving before and you want to learn to dive, Roatan offers some of the best conditions for beginners.


Scuba diving in Roatan is what originally brought tourists to the island. Before the cruise ships and the international airport, Roatan was a diver’s paradise – an unknown little spot in the Caribbean with pristine coral reefs and amazing marine life sightings.


Today, mainstream tourism has taken over, but scuba diving is still the main draw for tourists to the island.


If you are already a diver, take a look at some of the top sights and sites in Roatan:


Best Dives Sites in Roatan


Mary’s Place is internationally recognized as a premier dive site for its intricate crevasses and incredible topography. You’ll likely spot moray eels peeking out of holes in the reef, and keep an eye out for the little things. Nudibranchs and seahorses are often seen hiding in this area.


Cordelia Banks is a day trip from Roatan, located at Cayos Cochinos. This is a dive you can’t miss. The reef is astoundingly beautiful and the marine life is plentiful.


The Cow and Calf in Port Royal offer breathtaking snorkelling locations, and if you’re ready to go deep, you’ll be even more amazed. Some of the south shore dive shops will offer this trip, though you’ll more likely have to charter a boat or go on your own.


Best Underwater Sightings in Roatan


Whale Sharks are spotted around Roatan throughout the rainy season, although our neighboring Bay Island of Utila has more regular sightings. If you’re lucky enough to spot one of these gentle giants, please remember the Roatan Marine Park rules for getting into the water with them: snorkel only, and be sure to leave ample space between yourself and the whale shark. Also, beware of other swimmers and other marine life that may also be nearby.


Where to Dive in Roatan


Roatan’s East End offers some of the most pristine diving around the island. With fewer tourists, this area sees less damage to the reef and lots more fish life for amazing dives. Head to any of the dive shops in the area, or rent tanks to head out on your own boat. The reef is only minutes from the Mariposa shore, so you can easily and comfortably do a single dive and then head back to your dock.  There are several dive sites at the mouth of Caribe Pointe Bight, that are easily accessible by boat or kayak.  There are many other places on the Roatan’s East end to scuba dive.


West End and West Bay boast the highest concentration of dive shops on the island. It’s definitely worth taking a day trip over that way to see some of the dive sites along that shore. Just make sure you avoid days that cruise ships are in port so you don’t run into massive hoards of tourists.


If you are not yet a scuba diver but you want to learn, here is how you can learn to dive in Roatan:


Get SCUBA Certified in Roatan


Become a diver easily in Roatan. If you’re coming to Roatan on vacation, we recommend you do the classroom sessions online before your trip. That gives you more time in the water and less time reading and completing homework while on vacation.


You’ll need at least three days to complete the water sessions and certification dives, but plan for more time just in case you have any trouble or want to practice your skills more.


There are plenty of resorts and dive shops on the East End of Roatan, all offering ideal conditions to learn to dive in Roatan. You can choose to book your own, or contact us for specific recommendations based on your needs and preferences. We’re happy to help you arrange your diving so you can spend more time simply enjoying paradise.  Contact us anytime, we are here to help.



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  • Jonah Pozniak

    I am a divemaster looking for the best dive sites for my one day, in Roatan. Is there any difference in West end as opposed to the other side of the island? Would you definetely use Scuba Roatan as an experienced diver? thx!

    • Matt Hawley

      Hi Jonah,

      There are many amazing dive sites all over the island. Both East and West ends have some great places to dive. Enjoy your trip to Roatan!

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