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8 Jul

Roatan Retirement Community

Roatan Retirement Community


When you’re ready to retire, you start thinking about what your new lifestyle will be like. You start imagining how you’ll spend your days when you’re no longer required to clock in and clock out. For many people, retirement finally offers the freedom of movement – you can live anywhere you want! Moving somewhere new comes with its own set of questions and concerns, so choosing to move to a retirement community is the ideal balance. Here’s why we think a Roatan retirement community is right for you.


Retirement on a Caribbean Island

Retiring to a Caribbean island opens the door to a lifetime of new opportunities. You’ll never have to worry about winter weather: no back-breaking shovelling, no heating bills, no layers of clothes to have to buy. You can minimize all your belongings since you won’t need to keep up with the Joneses…island life brings you back to the basics that matter.


Retiring to a Caribbean island means you can refresh your soul with pristine nature and salt air. You can get fit with all the swimming, or kayaking, or paddleboarding, or yoga that will be available to you. You can eat healthy with all the fresh tropical fruit growing in your front yard and fresh seafood plucked from the sea that very morning. Retirement to a Caribbean island is where your life truly begins.


Moving to a Retirement Community

Moving to a retirement community is the ideal way to start your new lease on life. You can move there knowing that neighbors are in a similar situation – it’s like moving onto a college campus where your peers become instant friends with the many similarities you have, simply by default of circumstances.  Make life long friends and enjoy the Roatan, expat community.


A retirement community provides you with a network, a safety net, a place you can instantly call home. You’ll have people around you to help you settle in and make new friends, you’ll have plenty of activities to take part in, or dinner parties to join. A retirement community is the easiest way to transition to living in a new place, surrounding you with people who have been in your shoes and can lead you on your way to the best new life you can imagine.


Life in a Roatan Retirement Community

When you look at the idea of retiring to Roatan, you’ll undoubtedly be filled with questions and concerns. Moving to a new country, moving to an island, moving away from your family and friends…these are – of course! – concerns that we all have.


But here’s what you should know about life in a Roatan retirement community, specifically one on Roatan’s East End. You will be welcomed with open arms by a well-established expat community. You will not be all alone, and you will not feel left out or lonely. You will join a welcoming group of neighbors who have all made the same leap of faith that you’re making, and you will be amazed at how easily you fit right in.


Life in a Roatan retirement community is such an easy adjustment. The direct international flights to the island make getting back home for visits easy, but you’ll likely find your family and friends will want to visit you far more often than you want to head back to them!


You can rest assured that life in a Roatan retirement community like Mariposa Lagoon is the ideal retirement you’ve imagined. Spend your days swimming, snorkeling, fishing, diving, exploring the mangrove waterways, or relaxing on the beach while enjoying freshly picked fruit from one of the many fruit trees.  All without leaving the community.  Come check us out for yourself , we’re sure you’ll fall in love with this life just like we did.




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