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There are many reasons to build retirement or vacation home in Roatan. The island Roatan is frequently rated one of the top vacation and retirement destinations in the Caribbean, but that popularity is a recent development. The island has stayed under the radar for decades, with few tourists quietly coming to the island for SCUBA diving. Now, Roatan is on the verge of major growth. Now is the time to purchase Roatan real estate and have that dream retirement, or vacation home built.  If retirement is a few years away, renting your home now, can be a good way to make additional income.  When you are ready for retirement, your Roatan retirement home will be ready for you to enjoy.


With its natural beauty, proximity to the U.S., and amazing affordability, Roatan real estate is high on the list for anyone looking for a fantastic deal. Most of the Caribbean is priced well out of range for the average worker, with high-rise condo buildings taking over oceanfront real estate and jacking prices sky-high. In Roatan, growth has been steady, allowing for the infrastructure to grow with the increase in population. Tourism growth has been slow, allowing for local environmental organizations to ensure that regulations keep new businesses from exploiting the natural resources of this beautiful island.


An international airport makes travel unbelievably easy, while established expat communities have already brought the comforts of home into grocery stores and everyday Roatan living. Cultures blend easily in Roatan’s tightly knit community, with celebrations from every country in the world being enjoyed throughout the year to make everyone feel welcome. International cuisine comes with each new expat moving to the island, from Italian to Thai, American to Dutch, there are options everywhere that combine with the local flavors to create an vibrant culture.


Roatan real estate today, is similar to what Costa Rica and Belize was before their respective booming growth. Roatan has seen increased interest from the international community, with more development, more tourism, and better infrastructure all moving step-for-step together. Costa Rica and Belize saw the same interest just before their major economic growth.  Their prices have seen as high as 300-400% increase over the last 10-15 years. Roatan real estate is now on that verge, too. Now, is a fantastic time, to have that dream vacation, or retirement home built before the Roatan real estate prices increase dramatically. Real estate and development, infrastructure improvements, tourism growth…these will all converge soon to see Roatan gain even more prominence in the region.


There are many reasons to build a vacation, or retirement home in Roatan. You don’t have to believe us, but you should believe all the reviews Roatan has received just this year


TripAdvisor’s 2015 Travelers’ Choice Awards listed Roatan as #3, calling it a “Roatan Top 10 World’s Best Islands.”


Islands Magazine named Roatan “one of the Top 5 best islands for retiringin its July 2015 issue.


World Diving Review raved that Roatan is “The Scuba Mecca in the Caribbean.”


International Living called Roatan “one of the best islands to retire to in 2015” in its March 2015 issue.



Everyone sees it happening, it’s only a matter of time!


Here are  more great facts about Roatan in general.


Roatan is ready for huge growth, while retaining its endearing Caribbean charm. Are you ready to seize the opportunity to make your dreams your reality?  We are ready to build your dream vacation, or retirement home. See the top 5 Reasons Roatan, is Topping the List as one of the best places to retire. Check out – Top 5 Reasons Roatan is the Perfect Retirement Spot. Today’s missed opportunity could be tomorrow’s biggest regret. Don’t have any regrets.


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