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23 Feb

Move to Roatan’s East End

Move to Roatan’s East End

Roatan’s East End is the ideal location for a Caribbean island retirement. If you’re considering moving overseas in your retirement, we welcome you to look further into the island of Roatan. We did all the research you’re doing now…we explored all the options…and we settled on a move to Roatan’s East End for all the wonderful aspects of this part of the world.


Retirement in Roatan’s East End

Retirement in Roatan isn’t about sitting on your couch and watching hours of television all day. It’s not about playing cards indoors and huddling against the cold winter temperatures.


Retirement in Roatan is about community, fun, and relaxation. It’s about all the hard work you put in for decades so that you can now put your feet up and take a nap in a hammock while breathing in the fresh salt air.


Roatan’s East End is the ideal location to live that lifestyle of relaxation – it’s a place where you can invest in yourself. You earned it!


Roatan’s East End Expat Community

The expat community in Roatan’s East End is the most welcoming group you could ever hope to find when moving somewhere new. From regular potluck dinners to gatherings on the beach to coming together in support of community endeavors, Roatan’s East End expats are truly unique and extraordinary.


The expats who move to Roatan’s East End know that a quiet lifestyle on a tropical island is idyllic. While the western side of Roatan attracts more tourists, the East End is a neighborhood. Granted, these neighbors are spread out quite a bit! But we gather all the time, we support each other every day, and we are well integrated into the local community.


If you’re seeking a community where you can rely on your neighbors for a helping hand, Roatan’s East End is perfect for you.


Mariposa Lagoon in Roatan’s East End

Mariposa Lagoon is the latest community development in Roatan’s East End. We bought this land on Roatan’s beautiful southern shore to create the type of community we personally wanted – one with caring neighbors, with gorgeous natural beauty, and with a true feeling of home.


Mariposa Lagoon is ideally located to be away from the tourist hotspots where crowds gather and traffic backs up, yet conveniently close to the commercial center of French Harbour. You’re only about 10 minutes away from grocery stores, hardware stores, and the island’s brand new CEMESA Hospital.


During retirement years, medical care is obviously a concern. We need to know that our needs will be met locally, rather than having to travel far for a doctor. The CEMESA Hospital in French Harbour offers world-class care in modern facilities. Additionally, French Harbour offers other specialists at low costs, including dentistry and women’s healthcare.


We would be happy to welcome you to our community at Mariposa Lagoon in Roatan’s East End. If you’re seeking this quiet lifestyle filled with natural beauty and endlessly fun outdoor activities, we know you’ll love it here.


Contact us for more information, or book a visit to explore the possibilities.

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