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26 Feb

More Common Questions for Moving to Roatan

More Common Questions for Moving to Roatan

Last month, we highlighted a few common questions we get from potential expats in Roatan. We know you’re curious, so let’s keep going with a few more common questions for moving to Roatan! Our aim is to help you make this transition easy. So let’s jump right in…


Can a Foreigner Buy Real Estate in Roatan?

Yes, foreigners may purchase real estate in Roatan. Foreigners may purchase up to 3,000 square meters (almost 0.75 acres) in a single transaction. That means that if you want to purchase a larger plot of land or if you want to complete two real estate purchases (as investments, for example), then you must be a Honduran resident.


Residency is very easy to apply for, especially if you’re retired. Retirees also receive extra dispensation to import a vehicle and also household goods!


Is Roatan Safe?

Yes, Roatan is safe. While Honduras receives some bad press as a dangerous location, the Bay Islands are completely separate from the mainland. Crime on Roatan is generally a result of economic disparity. Theft and robberies are the most common sort of crime on the island, which is typical for areas with a large tourism industry and also areas with a large income gap.


Taking measures to prevent these issues is always advised, including home and car alarm systems, not leaving your purse on the beach while snorkelling, and not leaving your smartphone on the bar during happy hour. There have also been several ATM scams, so it’s best to only withdraw cash from an ATM inside of your bank.


Is Malaria a Problem in Roatan?

Not typically, no. While the American CDC says there is a moderate risk, there are not many cases of malaria in Roatan. Tourists sometimes opt to take anti-malarial medications while on vacation, but expats living full-time in Roatan typically don’t take that medication year-round.


What Are the Grocery Stores Like?

Grocery stores in Roatan offer all the familiar brands you’ll recognize from back home…wherever home might be. We have a very diverse community of expats on the island, so lots of imported products make their way here.


Keep in mind, however, that buying imported products will be more expensive. To keep your cost of living down, we recommend you try local products. You might find you prefer them to the brands you used to use!


Can I Bring My Pets to Roatan?

You can absolutely bring your pets to Roatan when you move! Honduras has similar import regulations to the U.S. and Canada, so as long as your dog or cat has an updated rabies vaccine and your vet signs a health certificate within 10 days of travel, you should be all set.


Something to keep in mind is the travel restrictions on planes. Animals are not allowed in the cargo hold during late summer, for example, because the extreme heat is too dangerous for them. Check with your airlines before booking. Also be sure to check current import rules and regulations in case there have been any recent changes.


Do you have more questions about moving to Roatan? Contact us any time – we’re more than happy to help!


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