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22 Mar

Medical Care in Roatan

Medical Care in Roatan

Moving to a different area always brings up questions about amenities and services nearby. Whether you’re moving to a different state or a different country, you need to research your options. One major concern wherever you move in the world is your new doctors. Medical care in Roatan is high-quality and low-cost, so you can rest assured that finding appropriate care here on the island is absolutely an option.


Medical Care in Roatan

Roatan offers several medical centers for the island’s residents and multitude of visitors. Because scuba diving is such a popular activity here, there is a medical clinic located at Anthony’s Key Resort in Sandy Bay with a hyperbaric chamber. In case of any scuba accidents, the chamber is available, in addition to the regular medical services also provided at the AKR clinic.


Just down the road from the AKR clinic is Clinica Esperanza, or Nurse Peggy’s Clinic. This clinic offers low- or no-cost services to the island’s residents, assuring that all of our friends and neighbors are well cared for here in Roatan.


There are two hospitals in Coxen Hole: the public hospital and Woods Medical Center. Both offer full hospital services, along with connections to specialized hospitals and other medical centers on the Honduran mainland. While you could access all basic medical services here on the island, specialists are sometimes only available on the mainland.


Think of medical care in Roatan as you would a smaller city in the U.S. or Canada – you have all the basics covered, but if you need specialized treatment, you might need to head to the bigger city where larger medical centers are available.


Also think of a move to Roatan as preventative medicine. Living here is choosing a healthy, outdoor, active lifestyle to keep you young at heart and happy every day!


Medical Care Near Mariposa Lagoon

Closer to Mariposa Lagoon, you’ll find more options for quality medical care. A brand new state-of-the-art hospital just opened at the MegaPlaza in French Harbour in 2016. This hospital was opened in partnership with Hospital Cemesa, a very highly regarded hospital on the mainland.


This new medical center offers extraordinary access for those of us on the East End. Before this hospital was built, the closest medical center offering full services was in Coxen Hole – up to an hour drive for some of our East End neighborhoods. The new hospital is a very welcome addition to our island community.


In addition to that hospital at the MegaPlaza, the GARM Clinic is located at Parrot Tree Plantation at First Bight. The GARM (Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine) Clinic offers unique care to both residents and visitors. Medical tourism is a popular new industry, and the GARM Clinic is part of that concept. Many people come to the GARM Clinic for autonomous stem cell treatment for various illnesses. The work they’re doing is at the forefront of the field, so it’s certainly a place to keep an eye on.


In addition to those primary therapies, the GARM Clinic also offers all-inclusive health and wellness treatments, providing diet and nutrition assistance alongside physical therapies. They offer services for women’s healthcare and well-being. The GARM Clinic is a popular spot among the expat community here in Roatan – definitely take a look at what they do!


Move to Roatan

When you move to Roatan, there are plenty of things to consider and to research. One thing you don’t have to worry about is general medical care. The island is well equipped to handle the vast majority of accidents or illnesses.


And for specific recommendations for doctors or services to check out, oftentimes the best resource is your new neighbors – they’ve all been there and done that, so go ahead and ask for recommendations!


Feel free to reach out to us anytime with any questions you have about moving to Roatan. We are happy to help you and to show you around our beautiful island home at Mariposa Lagoon.




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