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17 Apr

Mariposa Lagoon – Roatan Development


Mariposa Lagoon Roatan Development

Roatan has been enjoying endless praise in the media lately. International Living, TripAdvisor, and other major outlets continue to talk about our island paradise. If you’ve been watching, you know that Roatan’s growth is on a steady upward track, which is why now is the best time to get into a development on the island. Here’s a quick peek into our Mariposa Lagoon Roatan development.


About Mariposa Lagoon in Roatan

Mariposa Lagoon is a new development located on Roatan’s southern shore. We’re ideally located centrally on the island – only minutes from French Harbour but with easy access to either the East or West Ends.


Our development site offers stunning views off the south shore. We have our own beautiful bay, which will include a soft sandy beach to relax and enjoy a stroll along the surf. We’ll also have a 200’ dock for residents to safely dock their boats. Owning a boat in Roatan offers even more opportunity for exploration and fun!


Mariposa Lagoon Development Progress

We’ve been working steadily on the development of Mariposa Lagoon. You can take a look at the progress of our model home right here:




There is still much to do before Mariposa Lagoon reaches its full potential. We’ve been steadily moving forward on our vision for the development, but making sure not to rush through any of our plans.


Some of our next steps include installing streetlights for safety and building our clubhouse as a hub of social activity for the neighborhood. We envision neighbors actually getting together and talking, like we used to do when we were growing up.


Life in Roatan – especially Roatan’s East End – is a slower pace and allows for true connection with other people. Moving to Roatan is an escape from the rat race and an escape from the competition of life in the U.S. Here, we don’t care what size your TV is or what brand your clothing might be. In Roatan, we care how you treat your friends and neighbors. Ours is a wonderfully welcoming community of eclectic residents.


Our Vision for Mariposa Lagoon

We have big plans for Mariposa Lagoon. Our neighborhood is an investment in ourselves, so we’re not just haphazardly building some homes to sell and then running away.


We’re moving to Roatan for a better, more affordable retirement. We did the research and inspected all the available locations for an ideal Caribbean retirement. Roatan won easily.


If you think our Mariposa Lagoon Roatan development might be good for your retirement or vacation home investment, contact us to learn more about our progress. We’d be happy to show you around the site in person in Roatan!


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