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17 May

Living the Good Life in Roatan

Living the Good Life in Roatan

Everyone has their own idea of the good life. But if you’re here, you must be thinking the same thing we are: the good life is by the beach, relaxed, and fun. Expats are living the good life in Roatan and we think you’ll love it, too. Here’s why…


Living the Good Life in Roatan

Daily life is just easier in Roatan than it is back home. Of course, you still need to deal with bills and responsibilities; those don’t go away when you move overseas. But if we’re comparing life outside of those responsibilities, we are absolutely living the good life in Roatan.


Daily life in Roatan is casual. There’s no need to get dressed up or to try to impress anyone. Beachwear and comfortable clothes are the norm; flip-flops are all you need all year long. No need for layers of clothes or big closets to hold them all!


Life is just easier on a tropical island.


Life is Good on Roatan’s East End

Roatan’s East End is the epitome of tropical paradise. The hilly terrain leads to the turquoise seas and picturesque sandy beaches below. The palm trees offer shade while the fruit trees offer snacks. You can pick fresh mangoes, bananas, and cashews straight from the source!


On Roatan’s East End, where Mariposa Lagoon is located, we gather to socialize regularly to enjoy live music and good company. We share drinks and laughs and then head home for a peaceful night sleep with the stars brightly shining overhead.


It’s not uncommon to see the Milky Way galaxy from your front porch here. There is so little light pollution that we can enjoy all the natural beauty we want. Even if you do have too many lights nearby, all it takes is a quick boat trip just offshore and you’ll be blown away by all the stars you can see. It is absolutely magical.


Life is Better as an Expat in Roatan

There is a reason that so many Americans and Canadians keep moving to Roatan. Life here is just better as an expat. We can relax knowing that the cost of living is low enough to live a comfortable life on a pension. We can put our feet up knowing we never, ever have to shovel snow again!


Expats in Roatan celebrate life because it’s easy to be happy here. The sun is usually shining and the warmth invites us to be outdoors by the sea as much as possible. People on vacation are always in a great mood. That helps the general mood of the residential population since tourism is so popular here in Roatan.


Life is just better as an expat in the Caribbean. We’re living the good life in Roatan and we know it. Come see for yourself how good life can really be!


Contact us to view Mariposa Lagoon, our waterfront development on Roatan’s stunning south shore. We chose Roatan for our investment in our own future, and we’re certain it was the best decision we could have made.



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