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28 Jan

Your Guide to Moving and Living in Honduras

Getting the idea to uproot things where you are and make a new life for yourself somewhere else is exciting. You may be considering Honduras, and for a very good reason. Honduras provides the expat with plenty of things to do, an easy move and a beautiful location with friendly people. Consider some of these points when moving to Honduras to find out if it is the best move for you to make.


Moving Your Items


The move itself is one point that you should never take lightly. The move can cost anywhere from $2,300 to around $4000 depending on the number of items you’re trying to move from one place to the next. This price however, covers the documents needed to have your items shipped to the country for you legally. It’s best to get a quote from a few companies before rushing into hiring a shipper.


You do have options for moving household items, as well as vehicles to your new country. The choice that you go with will impact the cost you pay to move them. Container and roll-on/roll-off (RORO) methods are all available. Many people moving choose to go with a container, since this covers, contains and protect all their items, though RORO provides a more affordable rate and although vehicles are exposed to the elements with RORO, it is a safe and widely used as well as popular way to have a vehicle moved overseas. See https://www.a1autotransport.com/ship-car-to-honduras.php for more information.


You will need to provide some specific legal documents to ship a car and those include:

  • Original Invoice
  • Original Title
  • Your Passport
  • National Taxation Registry Number (RTN)
  • Bill of Lading from the shipper


Whatever way you choose to send your items, it is important to thoroughly research the shipping company and speak with them directly. From there, you can pack up and head out on a plane to meet your items and start your new life.


Places of Interest

So many American expats want to move to Honduras due to the many things to do in the area, but also the beautiful, breathtaking views that are around you. You can choose a home where these views welcome you every morning.  Little French Key is a beautiful, private area that is tucked away and only known by those that are familiar with the area. If you’re looking for sparkling, clear water that you can see through, then you’re able to find it in this area. The sand is hot and provides plenty of space for you to sprawl out and enjoy the sun above. This is not the only beach and key either, there are a handful out there for you to enjoy. Gumbalimba Park is a beautiful park setting that welcomes one and all to take in the views around you. Not only that, but it is a comfortable place to sit down, read a book or have some lunch with friends, family or alone. Encounter dolphins, swim with sharks, enjoy the beautiful artwork at the Rusty Fish. There is a lot to do daily and with the beautiful weather, you can keep doing these things throughout the entire year.


The New Culture

The culture is friendly, the neighborhoods are diverse and the people are fun to be around and you’re sure to make some new friends when moving to the area.  Additionally, you have all the luxuries of back in the US, such as landline phones and Internet. You just need to set everything up once you move into your new home. There are festivities that go on throughout the year, and you’re more than welcome to go and join in on the fun during the many times that people will be dancing in the streets. Honduras is a beautiful place to move, to get more out of life and to enjoy all that the country offers. If you’re considering moving to the Honduras, then check out the available properties, and visit to see if you can make some regular, longtime friends before moving permanently to the area. 


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