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17 Apr

Country Living in the Caribbean

Country Living in the Caribbean

There are many ways to live your life, but we have to say that country living is our ideal. The slower pace, the connection with community, and the appreciation for the little things is what appeals to us most. But if you put country living in the Caribbean, well, that’s a completely new level of perfection!


Country Living in the Caribbean

The country lifestyle is ideal for so many reasons. But we’ll bet that you hadn’t thought of that being a lifestyle you can enjoy on a tropical Caribbean island. On the island of Roatan, you can slow down your life and take time to simply be.


The community is very tight-knit here, including locals and expats. We spend time with our neighbors and we all support local schools and projects. We gather regularly for barbeques and beach parties, and there is always an excuse to share a cold drink at sunset together.


Country living in the Caribbean is possible in Roatan. You can ignore the latest fashion trends and oppressive advertizing to just focus on what’s important in life. We enjoy a casual, laidback vibe with the goal of just being happy.


Island Time is a well-known concept, and we absolutely love it here in Roatan! Here, we call it mañana. To get a taste of what that means here, have a listen to our very own expat country musician Branan Logan:




Roatan Lifestyle is Ideal

Roatan is a quiet Caribbean island – not like a mini-Miami with high-rise condo towers on the beach and spring breakers taking over everywhere. Roatan offers true tranquillity…especially on the East End.


The East End of Roatan is jungle covered and lush. The hilly terrain leads straight to the turquoise Caribbean Sea, bordered by white sand beaches or intricate mangroves. The mangroves are breeding grounds for lots of marine life, plus they filter the water to protect our delicate ecosystem.


These mangroves are fascinating to explore! Right near Mariposa Lagoon, you can take a boat through the ancient mangrove tunnels carved by the island’s early Paya inhabitants. The history and the culture here are truly astounding.


Other fun things to do in Roatan include snorkelling or scuba diving, deep sea fishing, boating to other nearby islands, golfing, and other outdoor activities. There is no shortage of entertainment here – especially if you’re active and love to enjoy the outdoors! That’s why we think Mariposa Lagoon is especially perfect for retired first responders.


There are also tons of fun bars and restaurants to explore, with live music on offer every single night of the week somewhere on the island. There is karaoke, trivia nights, and plenty of annual events to bring even more of the community together for a common cause.


Country living is possible on the Caribbean island of Roatan. Come see for yourself! Contact us for a tour of Mariposa Lagoon on Roatan’s East End. You can start planning your Caribbean country lifestyle in our brand new neighborhood.

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