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Construction in Roatan varies greatly, which is why it is so vital that you utilize a reputable builder. At Mariposa Lagoon, we’ll build your homes to exceed North American building codes. We use the best materials to work with the surrounding environment and we associate strictly with the island’s most reliable construction companies. We have done our research on the ground so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your future home.


Keep in mind that building permits are required in Honduras prior to breaking ground, which your builder will apply for on your behalf. Those permits usually take around two weeks to approve and can cost approximately 5% of your total budget.  We will take care of all aspects of your new home and will keep you updated and provide you videos through-out all stages of construction.


Something to consider with your new home design is that building in the tropics has different requirements and demands than building farther north. You will want to effectively use your outdoor space and to take advantage of the beautiful trade winds we experience in Mariposa Lagoon.


As in all places, there are requirements and restrictions on residential building in Roatan. Some of the more pertinent factors to consider are height restrictions and proximity restrictions to certain natural markers, including distance from the boundary of the property line; distance from the foreshore if the property is on the shore; and, of course, rights of way for utilities, existing pathways, and access roads.  At Mariposa the lots have been surveyed, recorded and title insurance is available for all property owners.


 House Plans & Drawings

Visit this site COASTALHOMEPLANS.COM to view some very nice home designs. Once you choose your home, we can order the blueprints, apply for the permit and get started on your dream home. With the nice island sea breezes and fantastic weather we recommend maximizing the outdoor space with large decks and outdoor spaces.

If you have your own blueprints we will be happy to review them for you. We will build your home, or you can choose your own builder.  Below is a short list of home builders in Roatan.


Labor & Materials Costs

We can build any of these homes from between $75 – $100 per sq-ft depending on appliances, interior finishes and modifications.  Our expertise combined with our relationships with reputable companies on Roatan allows us to build exquisite homes at the best possible price. All homes will exceed North American building codes. There are many beautiful building materials on both Roatan and the mainland of Honduras.  Exotic woods and beautiful roof and floor tiles are very affordable.


To learn more about the builder Ron, visit the About Us page. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your building plans. If you have us build your home, or choose someone else – We will be happy to help you in anyway possible.


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