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Living the Good Life in Roatan

Living the Good Life in Roatan

Everyone has their own idea of the good life. But if you’re here, you must be thinking the same thing we are: the good life is by the beach, relaxed, and fun. Expats are living the good life in Roatan and we think you’ll love it, too. Here’s why…


Living the Good Life in Roatan

Daily life is just easier in Roatan than it is back home. Of course, you still need to deal with bills and responsibilities; those don’t go away when you move overseas. But if we’re comparing life outside of those responsibilities, we are absolutely living the good life in Roatan.


Daily life in Roatan is casual. There’s no need to get dressed up or to try to impress anyone. Beachwear and comfortable clothes are the norm; flip-flops are all you need all year long. No need for layers of clothes or big closets to hold them all! (more…)

Move to Roatan

Country Living in the Caribbean

Country Living in the Caribbean

There are many ways to live your life, but we have to say that country living is our ideal. The slower pace, the connection with community, and the appreciation for the little things is what appeals to us most. But if you put country living in the Caribbean, well, that’s a completely new level of perfection!


Country Living in the Caribbean

The country lifestyle is ideal for so many reasons. But we’ll bet that you hadn’t thought of that being a lifestyle you can enjoy on a tropical Caribbean island. On the island of Roatan, you can slow down your life and take time to simply be.


The community is very tight-knit here, including locals and expats. We spend time with our neighbors and we all support local schools and projects. We gather regularly for barbeques and beach parties, and there is always an excuse to share a cold drink at sunset together.


Country living in the Caribbean is possible in Roatan. You can ignore the latest fashion trends and oppressive advertizing to just focus on what’s important in life. We enjoy a casual, laidback vibe with the goal of just being happy. (more…)


Mariposa Lagoon – Roatan Development


Mariposa Lagoon Roatan Development

Roatan has been enjoying endless praise in the media lately. International Living, TripAdvisor, and other major outlets continue to talk about our island paradise. If you’ve been watching, you know that Roatan’s growth is on a steady upward track, which is why now is the best time to get into a development on the island. Here’s a quick peek into our Mariposa Lagoon Roatan development.


About Mariposa Lagoon in Roatan

Mariposa Lagoon is a new development located on Roatan’s southern shore. We’re ideally located centrally on the island – only minutes from French Harbour but with easy access to either the East or West Ends.


Our development site offers stunning views off the south shore. We have our own beautiful bay, which will include a soft sandy beach to relax and enjoy a stroll along the surf. We’ll also have a 200’ dock for residents to safely dock their boats. Owning a boat in Roatan offers even more opportunity for exploration and fun! (more…)

Shipping Items to Roatan

Shipping Items to Roatan


Anytime you move to a new home, you need to minimize. You need to go through absolutely everything you own and decide what to keep, what to donate, what to sell, what to simply throw away. It is a long, hard process. But if you’re moving to paradise…trust us…it’s worthwhile! Whatever you do decide to take with you, you’ll likely have some items that can’t go on the plane. Here’s some insight into shipping items to Roatan.


Shipping Items to Roatan

There are a few different ways to ship things to the island. For smaller items including important documents, Americans often use FedEx or DHL, which is received by RasXpress here in Roatan.


You can collect from their office just across the street from the airport, so it’s a quick pit stop anytime you’re heading along the main road. Dip Shipping has recently offered a new service to fly small shipments to Roatan, which is ideal for documents and small packages.


Canadians have to get their documents apostilled back home for all legal purposes in Roatan. To send your apostilled documents to Roatan, many Canadians opt to utilize an airline. Both SOSA and CM Airlines offer excellent service and you can collect your documents right at the airport.


For shipping larger items to Roatan, there are a few companies offering services from the U.S.


Dip Shipping is incredibly popular because of their excellent customer service. They will deliver your packages to you, so you don’t need to collect massive parcels or pallets and somehow get them home on your own. Their customer service is always great – even if you have an issue for any reason. Expats in Roatan love Dip Shipping.


Hyde Shipping is another popular option, though it is often preferred for business shipments rather than personal shipments. Obviously, import taxes will vary depending on the purpose of the items. For business shipments, Hyde tends to offer better rates and services.


Island Shipping is another local company offering service between the mainland and Roatan, which can be ideal for purchases on the mainland. Furniture and appliances are often more widely available and cheaper at the larger stores on the mainland.


Dispensas for Shipping Items to Roatan

If you qualify for a retiree residency visa, you will be able to ship one container of household goods and one vehicle without additional import tax. You must have obtained the residency visa prior to shipping. These dispensas are a welcome bonus for retirees looking to move to Roatan!


Something to keep in mind when looking into shipping a vehicle is the ability to have it serviced on the island. If there are no mechanics familiar with your make or model, or if replacement parts are unavailable, you might find your imported vehicle to be more trouble than it’s worth.


Additionally, you need to remember the roads here on the island. Don’t bring your fancy sports car. Four-wheel-drive is highly recommended for living on the East End, including where we’re located at Mariposa Lagoon.


The Roatan expat community is incredibly welcoming and very helpful to newcomers. If you want advice for specific items or other recommendations, the many Roatan Facebook groups are a great place to start asking. We are also always happy to help any way we can. After all, we want to be good neighbors!


If you have questions about shipping items to Roatan or about anything else related to your move to Roatan, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Medical Care in Roatan

Medical Care in Roatan

Moving to a different area always brings up questions about amenities and services nearby. Whether you’re moving to a different state or a different country, you need to research your options. One major concern wherever you move in the world is your new doctors. Medical care in Roatan is high-quality and low-cost, so you can rest assured that finding appropriate care here on the island is absolutely an option.


Medical Care in Roatan

Roatan offers several medical centers for the island’s residents and multitude of visitors. Because scuba diving is such a popular activity here, there is a medical clinic located at Anthony’s Key Resort in Sandy Bay with a hyperbaric chamber. In case of any scuba accidents, the chamber is available, in addition to the regular medical services also provided at the AKR clinic. (more…)


More Common Questions for Moving to Roatan

More Common Questions for Moving to Roatan

Last month, we highlighted a few common questions we get from potential expats in Roatan. We know you’re curious, so let’s keep going with a few more common questions for moving to Roatan! Our aim is to help you make this transition easy. So let’s jump right in…


Can a Foreigner Buy Real Estate in Roatan?

Yes, foreigners may purchase real estate in Roatan. Foreigners may purchase up to 3,000 square meters (almost 0.75 acres) in a single transaction. That means that if you want to purchase a larger plot of land or if you want to complete two real estate purchases (as investments, for example), then you must be a Honduran resident. (more…)


Move to Roatan’s East End

Move to Roatan’s East End

Roatan’s East End is the ideal location for a Caribbean island retirement. If you’re considering moving overseas in your retirement, we welcome you to look further into the island of Roatan. We did all the research you’re doing now…we explored all the options…and we settled on a move to Roatan’s East End for all the wonderful aspects of this part of the world.


Retirement in Roatan’s East End

Retirement in Roatan isn’t about sitting on your couch and watching hours of television all day. It’s not about playing cards indoors and huddling against the cold winter temperatures. (more…)

Your Guide to Moving and Living in Honduras

Getting the idea to uproot things where you are and make a new life for yourself somewhere else is exciting. You may be considering Honduras, and for a very good reason. Honduras provides the expat with plenty of things to do, an easy move and a beautiful location with friendly people. Consider some of these points when moving to Honduras to find out if it is the best move for you to make.


Moving Your Items


The move itself is one point that you should never take lightly. The move can cost anywhere from $2,300 to around $4000 depending on the number of items you’re trying to move from one place to the next. This price however, covers the documents needed to have your items shipped to the country for you legally. It’s best to get a quote from a few companies before rushing into hiring a shipper. (more…)

5 Common Questions About Moving to Roatan

5 Common Questions About Moving to Roatan


Moving to a new area always makes you ask some questions…you want to know what life is like there, if it will be easy to make friends, where to buy certain items, etc. Rest assured that moving to Roatan is probably easier than you think – the expat community in Roatan is full of helpful people who have been in your shoes! But, to get you started, here are a few common questions about moving to Roatan and their answers.


Can I Work in Roatan?

Not everyone moving to Roatan is a retiree. While International Living always lauds Roatan as an ideal retirement destination, Roatan is also a fantastic entrepreneur destination.  The tourism industry continues to grow at a steady pace. You can take your pick of businesses within that industry or any of the connected industries. Food, hospitality, tours, services…there is a niche for everyone if you’re willing to work for it! (more…)

Roatan in International Media


Roatan in International Media


As we look back on 2016 and prepare for another incredible year to come, it’s easy to see why Roatan has been making headlines all around the world. You don’t have to look too hard to find Roatan in international media. In fact, in 2016, Roatan was called everything from an affordable Caribbean isle to an exotic vacation spot. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from Roatan’s international press coverage in 2016.


Roatan Beaches Top the Lists

The convenience of traveling directly to Roatan from multiple U.S. and Canadian cities – plus more regional airports every year – means Roatan continues to climb the charts as a top destination in the Caribbean. In 2016, TripAdvisor’s annual Travelers’ Choice Awards named West Bay beach the #9 best beach in the whole world . When you look at the regional rankings, that makes West Bay Beach in Roatan the best beach in all of Central America. Not too bad at all! (more…)

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