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Top 5 Reasons Roatan is the Perfect Retirement Spot

23 Oct

Top 5 Reasons Roatan is the Perfect Retirement Spot

The Caribbean island of Roatan offers something for everyone – but especially for retirees looking to stretch their savings further. Mariposa Lagoon has put together what we think are the top five reasons Roatan is the perfect retirement spot and why you should retire to Roatan….


  1. Stay Active, Stay Young

One of the top 5 reasons Roatan is the perfect retirement spot is – The island lifestyle is focused on the outdoors and being active. A variety of outdoor activities keep all Roatan residents feeling young and happy. Whether you start a morning routine of yoga and a neighborhood walk, or a swim in the lagoon, or kayaking through the nearby mangroves, you can create the ideal lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Life in Mariposa Lagoon provides everything you need to enjoy your island life, from the beach, to the calm lagoon waters, to the fruit orchards through which you can enjoy an evening stroll.


  1. Convenience to North America

The international airport in Roatan allows easy for movement between the island and the U.S. or Canada. In three hours or less, you could be in Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, or Miami. In five hours or less, you could be in Montreal or Toronto. The ease of travel means you can quickly and conveniently visit family or friends back home whenever you want…although it’s more likely that they’ll want to come visit you!


  1. Gorgeous Trade Winds

The location of Mariposa Lagoon takes advantage of the beautiful trade winds coming from the east/southeast regularly. Situated along the south shore, our lovely slice of paradise enjoys constant ocean breezes to cool our homes and to float the sweet scents of fresh fruit and orchids into our windows. The trade winds rarely shift – only during rainy season when the island occasionally gets hit by a northeastern storm. During those storms, we’re well protected on the southern shore and don’t have to worry about high waves or crushing winds. We are perfectly positioned to gain everything Roatan’s natural beauty has to offer.


  1. Stunning Coral Reef

Roatan is surrounded by the second-largest barrier reef system in the world: the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. Its proximity to shore not only protects the island from crashing waves and debris, it also means you can swim from shore to witness some of the most stunning underwater views this planet has to offer. From the shore at Mariposa Lagoon, the reef is only about 100 yards away through crystal clear, warm tropical water. It doesn’t get better than that!


  1. Affordability

Being a Caribbean island, you shouldn’t be surprised if Roatan cost an arm and a leg for housing and regular bills. But you’d be wrong…Roatan has one of the best cost of living ratings for the entire Caribbean! Living on social security is completely manageable in Roatan. A couple can live comfortably on $2,000 per month, and that includes extra luxuries like maid and laundry service, eating out and taking advantage of fun activities. Of course, you can also spend well above that if you’re not careful. Island life will draw you out for social gatherings and regular outdoor activities, including golfing, fishing, SCUBA diving, and sunset cruises…these can add up quickly, so if you’re on a tight budget, take advantage of the free beaches, free snorkeling, and free coconut water fresh from the palms instead. You certainly won’t regret it!


These are our top 5 reasons Roatan is the perfect retirement spot.  What do you think makes Roatan such a great retirement destination? Let us know in the comments!