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17 Jan

5 Common Questions About Moving to Roatan

5 Common Questions About Moving to Roatan


Moving to a new area always makes you ask some questions…you want to know what life is like there, if it will be easy to make friends, where to buy certain items, etc. Rest assured that moving to Roatan is probably easier than you think – the expat community in Roatan is full of helpful people who have been in your shoes! But, to get you started, here are a few common questions about moving to Roatan and their answers.


Can I Work in Roatan?

Not everyone moving to Roatan is a retiree. While International Living always lauds Roatan as an ideal retirement destination, Roatan is also a fantastic entrepreneur destination.  The tourism industry continues to grow at a steady pace. You can take your pick of businesses within that industry or any of the connected industries. Food, hospitality, tours, services…there is a niche for everyone if you’re willing to work for it!


Keep in mind the residency requirements to stay in Roatan. If you start a business, you should be able to apply for residency after establishing the corporation. Entrepreneurs find Roatan to be an ideal situation!


What’s the Best Neighborhood in Roatan?

The best neighborhood in Roatan is – of course – subjective. But we’ll show off our bias here and talk about Mariposa Lagoon.


We adore the East End of Roatan. The quiet, the tranquility, the traditional Caribbean charm…it’s all amazing. We love being able to kayak out from our neighborhood and snorkel over the reef.


We can head to Oakridge by boat and stop in for lunch before heading through the mangrove tunnels carved by Paya Indians. We are far enough from the main tourist track, so even on cruise ship days we don’t feel the impact of several thousand additional day visitors.


Mariposa Lagoon is the home in paradise we’ve always dreamed of: tropical fruit trees out in the yard, ocean breezes floating up through our open windows, and friendly neighbors who actually chat and get to know each other.


Mariposa Lagoon is the best neighborhood in Roatan, if we do say so ourselves!


How Do I Ship Things to Roatan?

Shipping and mailing items to Roatan is absolutely possible, just be a little patient. We can’t receive Amazon Prime deliveries here, but you can still get what you need. Utilize DHL or RAS for regular mail and small shipments, while larger companies like Dip Shipping, Hyde Shipping, or Island Shipping will deliver your home goods via cargo ship to Roatan.


What is the Cost of Living?

Roatan’s cost of living might surprise you! For a Caribbean island, our costs are very low. If you’re retiring to Roatan on your pension, you’ll find a basic pension is enough to comfortably live on if you own your own home.


If you’re starting a business here, just keep in mind your cost of business in addition to your cost of living in Roatan.


Will I Get Bored on a Small Island?

Never! There is honestly so much to do in Roatan that you shouldn’t get bored at all. If you do feel a bit of island fever, there is always an opportunity to get farther afield.


Head to another of our beautiful Bay Islands, visit the mainland for Mayan history and whitewater rafting, or take a few days to visit Belize, Panama, or El Salvador all on direct flights.


We hope this helps to ease some of your concerns about moving to Roatan. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us anytime!

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